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Causes of obesity and the solutions available

One of the many health factors that are increases all over the world is obesity. The percentage of obesity is rising ever year and it is concerning because the most people that have obesity is young children and teenagers. There are a variety of factors that lead to obesity and it can cause so many health problems for these people that are struggling with obesity. Problems can range from heart diseases, kidney failures, body movement problems and even physiological problems.

Explanation of obesity

It is explained to be a medical condition where the body has accumulated so much where it can cause a lot of health issues like heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. A person is seen as obese when the weight of that person exceeds 30kg/m2. Being obese can reduce a person’s life expectancy by a few years. But it is only a health factor and it can be overcome with hard work.

The causes of obesity

The main cause of obesity is health related like not eating healthy and not exercising enough. Some foods and drinks contain a lot of calories and by consuming these goods on a regular basis can result in becoming obese. A lot of food contains fatty and sugary ingredients and it is very difficult for your body to digest these ingredients that can also result in obesity when you do not regulate what you eat.

Food is not the only factor that can cause obesity, there are medical conditions that can contribute. One factor is a disease called Hypothyroidism. This is a disease that affects your hormones that is produced by your thyroid gland. This has a huge impact on your metabolism which can cause you to gain weight in a very short period of time. Some other causes are a lack of energy, when your energy levels are not in balance it can cause obesity.

If your family have a history of obesity, you can also get obesity. A lack of an inactive lifestyle where you don’t get around much and does not exercise on a regular basis it can result in obesity. Some types of medicines that can also result in obesity are seizure medications, corticosteroids and depression medications. A lack of sleep can also trigger obesity, this happens when you don’t get enough sleep you get hungry faster which results in you eating more that is not also healthy.

Treatments that can help with obesity

Some treatments can help with obesity is to have a healthy life style and a healthy diet. Make sure that you consume foods that are high in starch like potatoes, bread, rice and pasta. Eat foods that have a great amount of proteins like eggs, meat and fish. Try to cut out on fatty and sugary foods like crisps, butter and biscuits. When you make food try not to fry it, try to grill or bake it. Also try to use oils that are healthy for you like olive oil.

Consume a lot of water, it is healthy for you and it will help you not to dehydrate. Don’t drink sports drinks as it contains a lot of gluten and calories. Stay away from alcohol as it contains a lot of calories, if you are hungry and you want a snack, eat some fruits that are healthy for you. There are a few great recopies that one can make with fruit to have a snack. Get yourself an exercise program that you can use on a daily basis to burn those calories that can result in obesity. If you don’t want to exercise alone, join a gym or ask family and friends to join you and make it fun for everyone.

If it is a health condition that you have, ask your doctor to give you medicine that can help you to lose weight that will help you to be healthier. You can also have an option to go for surgery. You can have either a gastric bypass or a gastric binding. This is when they reduce the size of your stomach so that you eat less. When you decide to take on exercises to keep an eye on your weight, make sure that you exercise several times a week for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Remember to drink lot water while exercising. Get some medicines that can help to regulate your thyroid gland that can improve your metabolism. A faster metabolism is healthy and it will prevent you to get obese. If you don’t know where to begin, try to get some advice from a professional that can help you to work out a diet plan and an exercise plan that can work for you. This is a plan that you will have to follow on a daily basis and you will need determination and hard work to reach your goals.

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