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Black Coffee and Weight Loss

Many people depend on coffee to start and at times, keep their day going. In fact, based on the 2010 Filterfresh Coffee Survey Report, 54 percent of people surveyed confirmed that they were ready to give up their cell phones before giving up their daily doses of coffee. Generally, the most striking thing about coffee that makes it many people’s favorite drink is its high levels of caffeine. An average cup of coffee is believed to contain over 65 mg of caffeine.

By definition, caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant found in beans, leaves, and fruits of some plants that use it as a defense mechanism against predators because it paralyzes insects that feed on the plants. Human beings consumer caffeine from coffee beans. There is also caffeine in the leaves of tea bush.  People usually consume caffeine to boost their energy and mental alertness levels.

However, these are not the only benefits of coffee. Coffee, particularly, black coffee not only acts as alertness or mood enhancer, but can also help you lose weight. The marvelous weight loss property of black coffee is due to the presence of caffeine. The following is the secrete link to weight loss with coffee.

Impact on Metabolic Rate

The caffeine content in black coffee stimulates thermogenesis which increases the rate of calorie burning. Thermogenesis is a process by which the body produces heat and energy by utilizing calories in food digestion. This results into weight loss.

The Role of Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid, a compound in black coffee plays a significant role in weight loss by slowing down the production of glucose in the body. It also lowers the productions of new fat cells.  Besides chlorogenic acid, black coffee has anti-oxidants that are all crucial compounds for weight loss. 

Low Calories

Coffee provides the minimal number of calories to your body. Black coffee is simply coffee beans ground up and immersed in hot water to share some of its chemicals with water. This is what lends water the black color it assumes as well as the flavor and the full caffeine content. Since these are all minimal, an 8 ounces of black coffee contains not more than 2 calories.  Accordingly, including black coffee in your diet can bring myriad changes in your daily calorie level which in turn help you lose weight.

More Energy to Work Out

Black coffee boost your alertness level and give you extra power and energy to work out for long. As you would expect, increase in workout will burn more calories hence suppress weight gain.

Curbs Hunger

Black coffee temporarily reduces your desire to eat by suppressing your appetite. The caffeine in it stimulates the production of an appetite suppressant hormone called CCK. CCK hinders or delays the onset of hunger making you have a feeling of fullness.

Promotion of Lipolysis and Fat Decomposition

Caffeine in black coffee also promotes lipolysis or the conversion of body fats into fatty acids. It also promotes the decomposition of certain hidden body fats. The fatty acids and the muscles are absorbed into the body resulting into release of energy and weight loss.

Water Content Reduction 

Some people are heavy simply because they have excess fat or water content in their body. Black coffee has diuretic effect and lowers your weight by reducing the amount of fluid that you are holding. The good thing about this process is the fact that it’s stress free and has no threatening side effects.

Improved Bowel Movements

Black coffee can also help in flushing out your stool. This is because coffee is basically a coarse fiber and act as mild or gentle cathartic agent with a considerably rapid effect. It only takes about 4 minutes after drinking black coffee for the gastric peristalsis to begin and this promotes weight loss. 


Black coffee is indeed a great way to reduce weight but consuming too much of it or getting addicted has certain disadvantages. For instance, consuming a lot of black coffee can result into increased stress levels which might in turn cause overeating. Additionally, excess coffee can promote insomnia which can also result into higher calorie consumption. Coffee also contains other chemicals which can stimulate the production of adrenalin and cortisone—linked to increased abdomen fat hence more health issues. Other effects of excess of back coffee are muscle aches, headache, irritability, upset stomach, and nervousness.

Again, black coffee in itself has no calories and fat, but additions that are usually added to modify its taste can result into other health concerns. For instance, milk and cream have high fat saturations and will not only contribute calories when added to a cup of black coffee but can also have other detrimental health effects such as heart diseases. Sugar also contributes some amounts of calories: a teaspoon of sugar can contribute up to 35 calories in your drink. To enjoy the benefits of black coffee, therefore, keep off from additions and strive to drink around 2 cups per day.

Bottom Line

When it comes to weight loss, black coffee is certainly not perfect and may not offer a lot in terms of nutrition, but it is a great boost to your weight loss efforts. So to shove some extra pounds and achieve your dream slim look, don’t hesitate to try black coffee. The only thing that you need to remember is to consume it in moderation and to be aware of some of the effects that its overconsumption can have on you. This will enable you to take advantage of weight loss with coffee benefits to the fullest.

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