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Arthritis. Its causes, symptoms and treatments available

Arthritis can cause some discomfort and pain to anyone that gets it. The pain can start gradually or even sudden. People over the age of 65 are the ones that are actually suffering from arthritis, but teens and children can also suffer from it. Arthritis is inflammation between joints in the body and can cause a lot of pain. Woman suffers more from arthritis than men and people that are overweight can also suffer from it. There are various causes and treatments for arthritis and there are more than 100 different types of arthritis.

What is the cause of Arthritis

Joints in your body have a soft tissue between them that is called Cartilage. This tissue absorbs shock and pressure when running or walking. It helps you to walk with smooth movements and it also protects the joints. This soft tissue between the joints can be attacked by your body’s immune system and it is called rheumatoid arthritis.

The most cause of arthritis is called Osteoarthritis and this is caused by normal wear and tear throughout your life. It is when the tissue between the joints is naturally broken down over time in your life. This happens as you walk or run and any sport injury can help this tissue to break down faster, even an infection that lead to a faster a faster breakdown of this tissue. If you have a family history of arthritis, the chances that you will get it to is very high.

Symptoms of Arthritis

The symptoms of arthritis can vary on the type that you may have. Symptoms can develop suddenly or gradually. Arthritis is seen as a chronic disease and the pain can go away and come back, or it can persist after a period of time. Symptoms that are common and that can show you that you might have arthritis are that pain in your joints may be persistent or it may come and go.

Stiffness of the joints is a clear indication that you might have arthritis especially when your joints are stiff when you get up in the mornings, sitting still on a chair and have difficulty to stand up or driving in your car and have difficulty to get out. Swelling can also occur over the area that is affected by arthritis and can be red and feel warm when you touch it. If it is difficult for you to move after sitting down, you might have arthritis.

Treatments that are available for Arthritis

There are a variety of treatments for arthritis, but the main goal of treatment is to reduce the pain and to control it, to improve function of the joints or to maintain the quality of life and the last is to minimize the damage of the joints. The steps in treatments can involve medication, weight loss, patient education and support, non pharmacologic therapies, splints or joint aids, surgery and occupational or physical therapy.

Pain killers can be subscribed by a doctor that will help to control the pain, anti inflammation pills can also be given to reduce the inflammation in the joints. Painkillers must be used as subscribed by your doctor, because it can damage other organs in your body if you use them more than on a regular basis. Another treatment is surgery where a joint replacement is best. This only happens with hips and knees. Another option is to fuse the joints together where they become one after healing, this means that you will not be able to bend that joint.

Self help treatment

You can treat yourself but it is not recommended. Arthritis is something that needs to be treated with medical assistance. Self help treatments are only tips that you can use to help to protect your joints.

These tips include seeing a doctor regularly, keeping watch over your weight, because if you are overweight, you put extra pressure on the tissue to protect your joints. Be active, make sure that you exercise on a regular basis, if you are jogging, make sure that you use the right running shoes and that help to absorb shock on your joints.

Protect your joints by staying healthy. When you have arthritis you need to be active but with that you also need to rest to help the tissue to recover. Try not to lift or move heavy things when you have arthritis, as it will make it hurt more, get someone to help you. If you suffer from pain, you can use a hot or cold ice pack on the area to help to control the pain. You can also drink Omega 3 tables that contain fish oil.

This will help the tissue to protect the joints. Stay away from foods that have acids in it like tomatoes, pine apples and vinegar. It is best to see a doctor, because they will know what will be the best treatment for you and how to help you to control the pain.

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